Live Oak Resources, Inc.

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Technologically Motivated

Technologically Motivated Search and Placement Firm

Live Oak Resources, Inc.

Job Openings

SW-Southwestern, SE-Southeastern, NW-Northwest, NE-Northeast, SC-South Central, MW-Midwest, NENG-New England, GC-Gulf Coast

PLC Based Electrical Controls Engineer SW, NW
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer SW
Software/PC based Controls Engineer SW, SE, NE + NW
Process Controls-Petrochem SC
Applications Engineer-(special machines) SW, SE + NENG
Computer Simulation Engineers GC
Thin Film Engineers/Scientists SW
Fuel Cell Engineers   

Live Oak
Resources, Inc.
3301 Jamesborough St., Austin, TX, USA, 78703-1108
Telephone: 512-633-0332

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