Live Oak Resources, Inc.

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Technologically Motivated

Technologically Motivated Search and Placement Firm

Live Oak Resources, Inc.

Company Information

Live Oak Resources (LOR) provides technical recruiting/placement services that focus on finding electrical and mechanical design engineers, project engineers and managers, controls/software developers, technical sales people mainly in the field of automation, and research scientists. LOR seeks out high caliber employees that will make a positive impact on an organizations bottom line.

Search and placement is done by an experienced recruiter, Dan Schuhmacher, who has a strong science/teaching background and banking/business knowledge, in addition to excellent interpersonal skills.  Mr. Schuhmacher graduated from the University of Texas in 1979 with a BS degree in Composite Science and then went on to obtain on M.Ed., from the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  He has taught Earth, Life and Physical sciences in private schools for almost 18 years and has a science lab and ongoing science education endowment named in his honor.  He has been on the board of State Bank of La Grange Texas, a bank holding company, since 1984.  Mr. Schuhmacher has been recruiting since 1996 and placing engineers for small to large manufactures throughout the United States.

The LOR approach is customer-focused.  A real effort is made to understand an organizations staffing problems and help solve them.  LOR scrutinizes and qualifies each candidate and researches references.  The recruiter makes every effort to insure that the interviewing process, the offer, and the candidate�s transition into the company is as smooth as possible.  LOR aims to create a working partnership with the client in which we will continue to supply an organizations tough hiring needs well into the future, all for a reasonable fee (25%) and a better than average guarantee period (60 days).

Work is done on contingency basis.  LOR will continue to search for an individual until found or until the client tells LOR to stop looking. 

Our motto is: "If Live Oak Resources, Inc. can't find them, they don't exist".

Live Oak
Resources, Inc.
3301 Jamesborough St., Austin, TX, USA, 78703-1108
Telephone: 512-633-0332

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